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Jan. 13, 2016

Have you ever felt like breaking away from this busy life just to be in a silent peaceful place. ?Have a bit time for yourself.? The world seems to go on... And we're all just going with it not bothering to stop for a minute... 

I just came back from my Bio ma'am's home after submitting a notebook. While returning home I randomly looked upwards. And suddenly. I couldn't take my eyes off. Its a starry night with a light cold breeze running along. I just wanted to look at the sky all night long... Just captivated by its beauty... :')

Why does human look for beauty in immaterialistic things.? If only they just look around and notice those little things. They'd discover a fascination. Just like I did a while ago. :) It makes you feel carefree. Makes your heart dance for no reason... ^_^

My friends, Beauty isn't what you see about the person from outside. Look within. See what nature whats to show you. For once, stop and see. Enjoy the moment.


Jan. 13, 2016


I'm really happy to see how many views this place got on its first day.! Thanks to you guys.! Love you all ^_^ :* ♥

Jan. 12, 2016

Good Evening Friends :)

Its been a pretty tiring day. I've been trying to improve this site for you guys. School's hectic as always. Well I admit I sincerely hate chem. I've tried to like it, take interest. But the way sir teaches us... *sigh* I'm pretty sure no one's a huge fan. Physics class was interesting though. I like physics very much. It kind of attracts me... Just like gravity hehe.! I know, I know, this sounded cheesy. But still I do like it.

I'm still struggling to sing properly. As a matter of fact, I love singing... Its kinda therapy for me... Even when I'm sad or frustrated, I just try to sing... And lo.! And a couple of minutes I'm awsm again.! Although singing in the shower is different xD.! Let me be honest. I sing every mintune when I'm free. And literally I tell you. The shower gives ya the best sound effects possible.! Well you know now why I'm in the shower too much :P Hahah :P

Today was umm.. lemme find the perfect word to put it.. well boring.? yeah i guess... it was pretty boring... First my younger bro licked the cream off my bourbon and then he began irritating me... Oh dear lord.! Siblings ..! Though the fact is... No matter how much we despise each other... We'll stand up for each other too...! :) 

One more fact about me. I - LOVE - COOKIES. Take this in if you can. But I'm maaaaaad about them.! Wait. This reminds me I'ven't had any for quite some time. Haha :P My bro eats all the snacks kept for us three. And I'm the one who's mostly left without anything to eat xD 

Well, enough for today.! I'll see you guys tommorow.! Have a wonderful day :) 

PS. If you feel like contacting me ever, just catch up with the mail iD on the front page.! ;) Ciao.

Jan. 12, 2016

Hello buddies.!

I'm just new to blogging, yet I would love to share my experiences with you all ^_^